Table 4-3

Table 4-3. Number of SGCN taxa by groups and ecoregion or watershed in New Mexico.

Ecoframework Amphibian Birds Crustaceans Fish Mammals Molluscs Reptiles Totals
Apache Highlands Ecoregion 344201718102
Arizona-New Mexico Mountains Ecoregion 43416151079
Chihuahuan Desert Ecoregion 22213101057
Colorado Plateau Ecoregion 85215
Southern Rocky Mountains Ecoregion 225147149
Southern Shortgrass Prairie Ecoregion 3156630
Canadian Watershed 4153526237
Gila Watershed 71711183350
Mimbres Watershed 7151371337
Pecos Watershed 517118410358
Rio Grande Watershed 61921167354
San Juan Watershed 211141120
Tularosa Watershed 310224425
Zuni Watershed 2812114