Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy
For New Mexico


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Conservation Assessments and Strategies for New Mexico

Links on this page allow users to view specific information (in HTML format) in Chapters 4 and 5 of the CWCS/NM. In some versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, tabular data can be exported into Microsoft Excel by right clicking on table.
Statewide Assessments and Strategies (Chapter 4)
This chapter describes Species of Greatest Conservation Need in New Mexico and their distribution and abundance. We further present a synthesis of conservation priorities. We also summarize the top five conservation actions necessary to overcome problems and achieve desired future outcomes listed in each ecological framework and key habitat. We end this chapter with an analysis that enhances our understanding of geographic areas where conservation efforts might be focused.

Assessments and Strategies for Key Habitats Within Ecological Frameworks (Chapter 5)
This chapter is organized by ecological frameworks at the scale of ecoregions for terrestrial habitats, watersheds for aquatic habitats, and statewide for riparian, ephemeral and perennial tank habitats.