Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy
For New Mexico


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NM Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategies

Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy (CWCS/NM)
for New Mexico
Conserving New Mexico’s Biodiversity

The Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy for New Mexico (CWCS/NM) is dedicated to expressing sensible approaches to conserving biological diversity in New Mexico. New Mexico Department of Game and Fish has appreciated its role and responsibility in facilitating the compilation and construction of this Strategy. We acknowledge that this Strategy can only be realized through a broad array of natural resource agencies, other public programs, and private interests, all accepting this approach, being guided by it in operational planning, and pulling together to implement the actions.

We encourage our cooperators and collaborators to view, query, and download the CWCS/NM. To this aspiration, we offer the following web pages to help in locating specific information in the document.


CWCS/NM Document - This page provides pdfs of the entire document. We also provide pdfs of specific sections and chapters. For those wishing to print the CWCS/NM, we encourage the use of the pdf’s provided on this page.

Assessments and Strategies - The core chapters of the CWCS/NM include Chapter 4, "Statewide Assessments and Strategies" and Chapter 5, "Assessments and Strategies for Key Habitats Within Ecological Frameworks." These chapters provide prioritized conservation actions within an ecological context. Information is provided in an outline form to allow users to locate specific sections in HTML format.

Database Queries - Key elements in the CWCS/NM have been placed in a database. This page provides an easy environment to query specific information in the CWCS/NM.

Spatial Data and Maps - All spatial datasets used to develop the CWCS/NM can be obtained (in ESRI Geodatabase, ESRI Grid, ESRI Shapefile or Erdas Imagine format). These spatial data files include maps of predicted habitat for Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN), key habitats, key areas for conservation efforts, and SWReGAP datasets of New Mexico.

Links - Web links that are related to the development of the CWCS/NM are provided.

Contact Us - Information to contact individuals for additional information.

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Help - Help document that outlines how to use this site can be viewed on this page.