This chapter describes Species of Greatest Conservation Need in New Mexico and their distribution and abundance (Element 1). We further present a synthesis of conservation priorities. This synthesis describes problems affecting habitats and species across New Mexico (Element 3) and summarizes information gaps and related research, survey, and monitoring needs (Element 3) identified within ecological frameworks and key habitats (Chapter 5) as well as additional points that limit our ability to make informed conservation assessments and decisions. We also summarize the top five conservation actions necessary to overcome problems and achieve desired future outcomes listed in each ecological framework and key habitat (Element 4). This level of organization should not supersede those identified and prioritized in Chapter 5. Rather, this organizational framework takes a broader-scale approach to synthesizing prioritized conservation actions applicable to the statewide scale. We anticipate that those who will use this Strategy as a resource and planning guide will reference conservation actions under each ecological framework and key habitat as well as this synthesized approach. We end this chapter with an analysis that enhances our understanding of geographic areas where conservation efforts might be focused.