Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy
For New Mexico


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Additional Species of Greatest Conservation Need in New Mexico

-Introductory Information
-Bird, Mammal, Amphibian, and Mollusc SGCN
-Additional Bird, Mammal, Amphibian, and Mollusc SGCN in New Mexico (Table 5-19)
   Boreal Owl
   Organ Mountains Colorado Chipmunk
   Oscura Mountains Colorado Chipmunk
   Eastern Barking Frog
   Hacheta Grande Woodlandsnail
   Lilljeborg's Peaclam
   Peloncilla Mountains Talussnail
   Sangre de Cristo Peaclam
   Arthropod (Insecta, Arachnida, Chilopoda, Diplopoda, and Entognatha) SGCN