Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy
For New Mexico


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Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy (CWCS/NM)
for New Mexico
Conserving New Mexico’s Biodiversity

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Title Pages and Preface

Executive Summary

Table of Contents

Roadmap to the Elements


Chapter 1:  Introduction and Purpose

Chapter 2:  Approach

Chapter 3:  New Mexico's Biodiversity

Chapter 4: Statewide Assessments and Strategies

Chapter 5: Assessments and Strategies for Species of Greatest Conservation Need and Key Habitats

Key Terrestrial and Aquatic Habitats
Statewide Distributed Riparian Habitats
Statewide Distributed Ephemeral Habitats and Perennial Tanks

Additional Species of Greatest Conservation Need

Chapter 6:  Monitoring Status and Trends

Chapter 7:  Implementation, Review, and Revision

Supporting Documentation